The Pros and Cons of Colored Braces

Colored braces — ones that feature brightly colored elastic bands that hold the brackets along the archwire — are a fun solution for youngsters who are less than excited about wearing braces. But did you know they’re equally popular among adults? If you’re looking for a way to increase your enjoyment level of traditional metal braces, ask your dentist in Columbia, SC, about the availability of colored braces. While they’re not for everyone, many patients love them. To help you decide, we’ve gathered a list of the benefits and challenges of adding a pop of color to your orthodontic appliance.

Pro: Colored Braces Can Make Teeth Appear Whiter

Certain colors of elastic bands, including dark colors such as blue, purple, or red, can make teeth appear whiter. However, you may want to avoid colors such as brown or dark green because they can also resemble fragments of food stuck to your teeth.

Con: Colored Braces Are More Noticeable

While they’re a fun alternative to traditional metal braces, adding a colorful band on each bracket will make your braces more noticeable.

Pro: Colored Braces Can Make Children More Excited About Orthodontia

Different colors help children feel more excited about having to wear braces. They can change out the colors at will to match their mood, clothing choices, or eye color.

Con: The Process of Changing Colors is Time-Consuming

Changing out the tiny elastic bands is a time-consuming process, however. You can do it at home with a kit or ask your dentist to schedule an appointment to change the color of your braces.

Pro: You Can Get Fancy With the Application of the Colored Bands

No rule says you must wear only one elastic band per bracket. This means you’re free to mix things up a bit. You can wear two bands on each tooth if you like, and you can situate them in various ways to customize your appliance.

If you want to learn more about colored braces in Columbia, SC, call Tompkins Orthodontics. With convenient locations in Columbia and Irmo, we’re your go-to choice for orthodontia in the area. Schedule a consultation today.

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