Common Myths about Clear Dental Aligners

Have you been afraid to talk with your orthodontist in Columbia, SC, about getting clear dental aligners because of the myths you’ve heard? If so, it’s time to restate those myths, so you can get on with straightening your teeth.

Common Myths about Clear Dental Aligners

These are some of the most common myths that prevent people from talking with their orthodontist about getting clear dental aligners in Columbia, SC.

  • Clear Aligners Don’t Work as Well as Metal Braces

Clear aligners work just as well as traditional metal braces for most tooth alignment issues.

  • Clear Aligners Stain Easily

As long as you perform your daily aligner tray cleanings and remove your aligners before you eat or drink anything, your dental aligners will remain clear. And remember, you will be replacing your aligner trays every few weeks anyway.

  • Clear Aligners Cause Tongue Problems (tongue slipping/thrusting)

Tongue thrusting or tongue slipping is when your tongue is pushed forward between your upper and lower teeth when swallowing. Clear aligners are designed to realign your teeth and won’t permanently affect your tongue. You might experience some tongue slipping when you first get your aligners. However, your tongue will adjust after a few days of wearing them.

  • Clear Aligners Take Too Long to Work

This one could be true depending on the amount of correction needed to realign your teeth. With that being said, using clear aligners isn’t a lengthy process. Clear aligners can take anywhere from 10 to 24 months from start to finish for adults and even less for children.

  • Clear Aligners Cause You to Speak with a Lisp

Just like any new dental prosthetic placed in your mouth, clear aligners will take some time to get used to. Therefore, you might notice a mild lisp when you first get your liners, but this is normal and means your aligners are working correctly. Don’t worry, though, the lisp should go away within a few days.

Do You Need an Orthodontist in Columbia, SC?

If you need an orthodontist in Columbia, SC, that you can talk to about getting clear dental aligners, please Contact Tompkins Orthodontics today. We are a family-oriented practice with 26 years of experience. Our office is filled with laughter and friendly faces to help keep you comfortable and relaxed during your visits.

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